Art Residency

For our resident artists we provide

work at the Mailloth Castle and Castle Park in Tállya

an insight into the traditions and wine culture of the region, and the opportunity to relax

media coverage of the program

the purchase of materials for artistic activities or the reimbursement of related costs within certain limits

Who can apply?

artists who are recognized in the art world, regularly publish and exhibit
who are part of the contemporary discourse
or pursuing a degree course in higher education

Our camps

Beginners in Pécs
July 3-9

our resident artists:
Nyári Flóra – sculptor
Sárkány Balázs – sculptor
Sápi Márton – sculptor student
Fleisz Tamás – sculptor
Ódor Bence István – painter
Getto József – sculptor, painter
Menyhért Marcell – sculptor student
Fonyó Rebeka – painter
Udvari Boglárka – sculptor student
Getto Márton – photographer

July 18-24

Coming soon

August 1-7

our resident artists:
Merényi Dávid – painter
Gaul Péter – painter
Benedek Tom – painter
Csizek Tamás – painter
Éles Lóránt – sculptor
Dés Márton – painter
Rozman Csenge – painter
Hőnigh Huba – painter
Juhász Nóra – painter
Hőnigh Zorka – painter student